“Prik” means Dot in Danish.

An art book for children and childish souls, in support of Save the Children.

What is an artist’s icing on the cake? Can you make a book with the dogma rule: There must be a central point in the middle of all pages.

I have given that challenge to 300 artists, known and unknown. Their contribution should end up being a book without words, with 400-page interpretations of the dot as a starting point for drawings, paintings, collages and photographs. All with a dispute or a comment on the time we live in and with the purpose that children can see that everyone can make art if they can just spot the dot.

The dot book is a support project for Save the Children at a time when more and more children experience being hung by the rapid development, and more and more children go down with stress in the pursuit of the perfect life and the perfect job and the perfect appearance.

The book will initially be printed in 1,000 numbered copies and the first edition will be offered for sale at the vernissage we make in connection with the publication. The original works will be auctioned at this exhibition. This first edition will be put up for sale for DKK 300.

Any remaining batch is sold via Save the Children’s webshop.

The subsequent editions are sold and distributed through a publisher. We negotiate with the publisher Peoples Press about this. The books will initially be offered to stores at art museums and bookstores and later to supermarket chains.

The financing of the first edition + free copies for the participating artists will be tried to be provided through foundation funds. Neither artists, organizers nor others will receive a fee for their participation. Likewise, artists must make their works available for sale at auction free of charge.

A selection committee / judging panel will be set up consisting of curator Jens Peter Brask, publisher Per Kofoed, a representative of the contributing foundations, a representative of Save the Children and the initiator graphic designer Søren A Olsen.